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March 23, 2015

I am against fracking here in North-East- Somerset and the rest of the UK. Fracked gas is a fossil fuel. Climate Change remains the biggest environmental threat to our globe and we must move away from coal, oil and gas to renewable energy generation. The only argument in favour of fracking is that fracked gas is less polluting than coal and oil, produces less carbon dioxide and as a “transition” fuel could help the move to a low-carbon economy. But the investment in renewable alternatives will suffer if fracking is prioritised. No financial case has yet been made that fracking will be cheaper than renewable energy generation. We should put all our investments into renewables as the real alternative to fossil fuels.
The local geology in North- East- Somerset is not at all suited to fracking. There are many fault lines in the local rock formation which will make the locating of gas generally haphazard. The rocks are full of caves which will make the drilling process imprecise and dangerous. Finally we have a complex under water system and fracking could threaten all of our fresh water supply and the hot springs that have made Bath a World Heritage site.


Renewable s not Fracking

November 24, 2014

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated last month that fossil fuels need to be completely phased out by 2100 – or the world will face ‘severe, pervasive and irreversible’ damage. Their recommendation is that renewables must account for 80% of the power sector by 2050.

For those of us who would like to leave the planet in a liveable state for future generations, the proposal that fracking is the answer to the UK’s energy problems cannot be right.

This country may not be the sunniest in the world, but PV technology is making great strides towards harvesting solar energy even in less sunny areas. Furthermore Britain is one of the windiest countries in Europe. In a few years’ time the cost of producing on-shore wind energy will be less than that of oil. Britain is also surrounded by seas and the potential of harvesting tidal energy is enormous. So what is stopping us? We can generate our power from renewables – if we want to.

But the oil lobby, backed by the Conservatives and UKIP, seem determined to force fracking on to us while at the same time people agitate against any on-shore wind turbines or against solar panels in Somerset fields.

As North Sea oil and gas declines, we have a great opportunity in this country to replace it with renewable energy, the technologies are there. We should be leading the way in Bath & North East Somerset, and taking a firm step towards making our area self-sufficient in renewable energy.


Why Frack?

August 1, 2014

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