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  1. Wera

    There was an article in the Sunday Times (New Review, page 7, 18/7/10) about a blueprint for how the NHS can survive cuts to funding without reducing the quality of service. It centred around an interview with Dr. John Howarth who is the lead GP for Cumbria. He is based in Cockermouth. Dr. Howarth attended Oulder Hill School.

    He suggested in the article that volunteer groups can do a great deal to help the elderly. He’d rather see older people involved in tailored social activities than to simply prescribe antidepressants.

    “Often, what keeps an elderly person from getting into a state in which they need to be admitted hospital is quite simple.” He says that low-level care can prevent admissions which cost between £3,000-£4000 per patient.

    Dr. Howarth is not a cheeseparing cost-cutter. He genuinely wants to see the skills and resources of communities used effectively.



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