April 25, 2015

Liberal Democrats support our continued membership of the EU.
We support the free movement of people within Europe.
I fully agree that it is not acceptable that people from other countries come to the UK to claim benefits, just as it would not acceptable for British people to do the same when they go abroad. Too many people are playing the system, and Liberal Democrats will continue to stamp down on these abuses.
We actually don’t have accurate numbers of immigration, because until just weeks ago we had no border controls for everyone leaving the UK. How can we have evidence based information about immigration when we have no idea how many people are leaving the country. After 5 years of the Conservatives blocking a proper border control, they have finally just caved in to Lib Dem pressure. From now on, we can have proper data about who is coming into the country and who is leaving.
The Conservative efforts within the coalition government to discourage young people from outside the EU to come here to study at our universities has been a bad policy. A strong economy does not happen by driving away the skilled workers of the future.


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