April 20, 2015

As I secondary school teacher myself I know that a good education is key for every young person to get on in life.
There is a direct link between achievement at school and the background young people are coming from; the gap starts even before children start school. Liberal Democrats have introduced the Pupil Premium at secondary, primary and Early Years level to give targeted support to every child from a deprived family to help them catch up or stop them from falling behind.
Teachers are dedicated and hard working professionals. I find it incredible that Tories believe that teachers do not need teaching qualifications. Who would leave their health in the hands of unqualified doctors or their legal affairs with somebody who does not have legal qualification? Liberal Democrats are campaigning to make sure that only qualified teachers can teach.
I recognise that we couldn’t deliver our policy on tuition fees. But Liberal Democrats worked hard to make the system as fair as possible to protect lower earning graduates. No student pays up front and they only pay back once they’re earning over £21,000. There are now a record number of disadvantaged students getting university places. Labour’s pledge to reduce fees to £6,000 will only benefit the rich.


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  1. Good luck in the election Wera, which constituency is it that you are standing in ? As I will probably be up late watching the results coming in I shall make a special note. Around here all the 3 main parties are split even amongst themselves. Nothing changes here I hope that things are better where you now are. Best wishes,  Tony

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