Double Credit to Lib Dems for Delivering Zero Council Tax Increase

March 1, 2015

I am very proud of my Lib Dem colleagues here in BANES! While the Tories were running the Council from 2007-2011, council tax increased by nearly 10%. The Lib Dem record is a 0% increase in the last four years and this will continue into next year. Tories claim that this could only be achieved because of the national government providing extra funding to councils. First of all can I remind everybody that we have a coalition government therefore the Lib Dems can claim the credit for this support from central government just like the Tories. Secondly national government only provides an incentive and local councils still need to find a substantial sum from their own budget to deliver a full council tax freeze for their residents. So it is a double credit to the Lib Dems that we got a zero council tax increase in North East Somerset; we created the incentive nationally and delivered the result locally.


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