Lib Dems want an EU Referendum but Tories don’t

October 29, 2014

This week David Cameron pulled the plug on his own bill despite being handed the opportunity by the Liberal Democrats to take it further in the political process.

Tories are in a complete mess over Europe. Instead of talking about the benefits of our relationship with the EU they have let UKIP set the agenda. Instead of exposing Nigel Farage’s troupe as a one-issue party,  they have ratcheted up their anti-Brussels rhetoric.

The Conservatives are in such disarray they have  now even sacrificed a chance for an EU In-Out referendum in the next parliament. Instead of allowing both our bill to fix the bedroom tax and their bill for a referendum to continue their journeys they spiked both.

It is clear the Tories are more concerned about maintaining the bedroom tax than their flagship referendum pledge. And of course they are trying to blame the  Lib Dems for the bill’s failure.

But why would the Conservatives sabotage a chance to legislate now for an EU Referendum?

The answer is cynical electioneering. The Tories simply don’t want to enshrine an In-Out referendum in law before the General Election because David Cameron would be forced to reveal his hand by either backing calls to leave Europe or fight the pro-EU case.

The PM simply can’t make the sensible case for Europe and keep UKIP voters and his Euro sceptic backbench MPs happy.

David Cameron owes it to the country to come clean and finally set out his position on Europe. After all, the General Election is just six months away. The problem for the Tories is that voters have well understood that the Tory leadership is trying to play a double game.



  1. Tongue in cheek reply Wera I wouldn’t worry too much about an in out referendum ,because the way things are with Europe at the moment the big beasts want to force us out anyway and the demand for £1.7 billion from us is just another move in that process. Carry on the way this Government are ,if we don’t quit they may just boot us out !

    • There are no words to describe how bouioacds this is.

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