Fairy Tales Do Happen

November 17, 2010

On a gloomy November day amongst more news of financial problems in Ireland and austerity measures in Scotland, Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement. Brilliant! I cannot deny that I loved that piece of news. In a BBC Breakfast straw poll this morning the feel good factor amongst ordinary Brits  rose to 7.4 %  ( on scale of zero for being miserable and 10 for being happy) from 5.3 % only yesterday before the announcement.

It shows that in an age of cynicism and angst, most people are after all just humans, who as individuals share in the simple happiness of seeing two other individuals being happy; just as most people are moved by  humantarian disasters to extraoridnary acts of generosity.

We are all driven by hope and dreams. The world saw the fairy tale story of Charles and Diana unravel and end in tragedy, yet all those people who feel good today about the royal engagement between William and Kate do so in the firm hope that this time round it will end better.

We all know that no life is free from problems and set backs; even William and Kate’s guilded life will not just be a daily dream.  But it is our optimism that keeps us going.

There is a bit of escapism  as well – talking about wedding dresses and guest lists rather than unemployment figures – but what  would our lives be without a few fairy tales.


One comment

  1. Once upon a time, there was a person who, because he was born into on partiular family, was entitled to live off the money provided by taxpayers like a big human parasite. One day this person decided to get married. fair enough. But oh look, those poor taxpayers, many of whom are being affected by cuts, unemployment, etc are having to fork out for this person to have his wedding.
    No happy ending, theyre still sponging off the taxpayers.

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