Hospital Life Line

November 5, 2010

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the Department of Health continuing the campaign to keep maternity and children’s services at Rochdale Infirmary and Fairfield Hospital after many Norden and Bamford residents responded to a petitions over the summer.  I am delighted to have now received a response from Anne Milton MP, the minister responsible for maternity and children’s services. I was  impressed to get a detailed response to our petition. The minister points out that my letter accompanied by hundreds of petition slips from Norden and Bamford residents was particularly selected from a high volume of correspondence.

In her letter the minister says that the coalition government has introduced new criteria which put more pressures on the local NHS to demonstrate that the proposed changes actually make the services better not worse. I understand that NHS North-West has to provide proper evidence to the Department of Health of how the changes affect local people and I want to make sure that this dialogue is not kept behind closed doors but that the public is properly informed about the process.

This is as real success for our campaign. It shows that we have made our voices heard and that Government cannot ignore us. The decision to close maternity and children’s services at our two local hospitals was taken by the former Labour Government. I am delighted that the new coalition government has promised to review that decision and is listening to local people.


One comment

  1. Wera, it does’t matter what the people of this town think, Oldham’s going to get it all eventually, with outlying areas relegated to ‘cottage hospital’ status …

    From twitter earlier:
    @RochdaleOb: Outrage as cuts at Rochdale Infirmary brought forward a year http://ow.ly/19OAYX

    Not sure what the minister would say about this, or even care.

    My wife’s a nurse. It sickens me to think she could be one of the next job casualties when the incompetents running our local health services have to make their cuts.

    Yeah, it IS all doom and gloom from me right now.

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