Save our local Maternity Services

July 25, 2010
The decision taken by the last Labour government to close maternity services at both the Infirmary and at Fairfield was called in for review by the new Coalition government. I am delighted to add my voice to the campaign to keep maternity services local. For my own residents in the Norden ward, the important thing is that maternity services are not lost from both our local hospitals. The only alternatives to Fairfield and the Infirmary are Oldham Royal and North Manchester.
In explaining the new position, Mike Farrar, chief executive of NHS North West said: ‘As of now, the plans for the transfer of overnight maternity services from Fairfield Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and Salford Royal, which were scheduled to take place in September 2011, have been put on hold. The strategic health authority, working with local GPs, will ensure that the Secretary of State’s four tests for reconfiguring services are properly applied in respect of this service.’
The four tests are:
– whether the unit had a high record of successful clinical outcomes
– whether patients and the public had been properly engaged in the consultation
– whether there is support form doctors for a retention
– how much choice in the decision had been given to mothers and families
I have sought to test local feeling about keeping the maternity services local, and have already received an excellent response to our petition across Norden, Bamford, Oakenrod, Birtle, Ashworth, Sudden, Brimrod and Marland. This shows the strength of feeling in the community.
We will be ready to make our case to government after the summer recess.

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