Referendum on Alternative Vote

July 3, 2010

In May of next year when you all rush to the polls for the local elections, you will be given the opportunity to change the way elections are run forever. Thanks to the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg voters will be given a chance to make their votes count like they never have before. I am of course referring to the referendum on the Alternative Vote System. If the referendum is passed, it will spell the end to tactical voting or a panic vote. You will be able to vote for who you want, and it will count more than it has ever done before.

This is an historic opportunity to replace the discredited system we currently use to elect our MPs with a system that – while not perfect – represents a vast improvement that will give politicians greater legitimacy and make them more accountable.

So in May when you are standing in the queue waiting to vote in the local elections, please make sure that you vote YES for the Alternative Vote System. The Liberal Democrats have enabled a great opportunity to make elections fairer for you, now it is up to you to make it happen.

You can read more about the Alternative Vote system HERE.


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